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Best Insurance Companies in MA Who should I write my home insurance with? As is the case with all purchases, you get what you pay for. By sacrificing coverage and service, you may be able to lower your upfront premium but at the time of loss, you will be left holding the bill (or unable to repair the damage to your home). READ MORE >>

One of the most common questions we get at the office is "Will filing a claim make my rates go up?"  Let's take a minute to address this question from a homeowners perspective. So you’ve had some minor damage at your home and you are trying to decide if you should file a claim with the insurance company. READ MORE >>

Do I HAVE to add my teen driver to my auto policy?!?     We often get this question when our clients see how much the rate can jump when a newly licensed driver is added to their auto insurance policy.  Let’s break down the ins and outs of adding a new driver. READ MORE >>

Why an HO6 - Unit Owners Policy is a MUST HAVE The Master Policy for the Association covers the physical structure of the building, so why do you need another insurance policy??  We often see that the lender does not require additional coverage, but this does not mean it is not important to your financial security. READ MORE >>

What happens if I am hit by an uninsured vehicle? With summer vacation comes summer travel, which for many families can mean…that’s right, ROAD TRIPS!  Auto insurance laws vary by state and according to current statistics, it is believed that approximately 14% of US drivers do not carry any type of auto insurance! READ MORE >>

But I could rebuild my house for less…!?!? Reconstruction Cost and Insuring to Value. How do insurance companies calculate reconstruction cost? Every so often we hear from clients that are concerned the amount they are required to carry for insurance on their home is too high, and if there were a loss they could rebuild the home for less. READ MORE >>

It. Can. Wait. Distracted driving has become a hot button topic across the country.  Most associate distracted driving with texting and younger drivers, but there are many other distractions in today's vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the U.S. READ MORE >>

Do I need Gap Insurance on my Auto Policy?!? Gap or loan/lease insurance covers the difference between the value of the car at the time it is stolen or totaled and the outstanding loan amount. The standard auto policy covers only what the car is worth at the time of loss, even if you owe more on your car loan or lease. READ MORE >>

Know Your Homeowners Policy A homeowners insurance policy has one main purpose: securing your assets and making you whole after an insurable occurrence negatively affects your most valuable possession - your house. If you are not familiar enough with your homeowners insurance policy, you could be putting your house and assets in harm's way. READ MORE >>

Hackers can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere.  They are using virus and Trojan horse malware through email and web browsing to attack private and sensitive information.  Just about any organization using technology in business faces a cyber risk.  Technologies are constantly evolving and so are the threats we face. READ MORE >>

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