Sued by the Wet Bandits?

Personal Liability

The Holidays are here again! If you’re anything like me that means you have a list of Christmas movies that you need to watch before the season ends. Home Alone is a personal favorite, but my view of the film is forever changed now that I work in insurance.

Sure, Kevin’s antics are fun to watch, but what are the potential insurance implications the family faces by forgetting him and leaving him “Home Alone”?

Even though the Wet Bandits were trying to enter the McAllister home illegally their slips down the stairs, burns to the hands and potential concussions are all injuries that could result in a lawsuit against Kevin and his parents. I certainly hope that they worked with their insurance agent to make sure they had adequate Personal Liability limits.

And I don’t even want to think about the water damage claims in the other homes they burglarized…

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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