How do I cancel my Massachusetts plate?

I just sold my car.  What do I do with my plates?

Before you cancel the plate, will you be replacing the vehicle?

If so, upon selling your prior vehicle, you have 7 calendar days to register a new (and similar) vehicle using the same license plates.


IF NO:   Cancel those plates ASAP.

Why?  Your Auto Insurance follows your active registration, NOT your vehicle.  Until you cancel the plate, your excise tax will continue to accrue as if you’d never sold the vehicle.   Further, until you cancel the plate, you cannot cancel insurance coverage for that vehicle.



In order to cancel insurance coverage for your sold vehicle, you’ll need to provide a plate cancellation (Plate Return Receipt).  Here’s the link for the state of Massachusetts:

In order to cancel your plate, here’s what you will need: your e-mail, your plate type & plate number, the last four digits of your social security number, and your Driver’s License.

Once you have cancelled your MA plates, you’ll want want to notify our office and send us a copy of your Plate Return Receipt.   This will be proof to cancel coverage for the sold vehicle.

As a service to our clients, we provide many of the RMV services including Registration and Title Applications, plate transfers, registration renewals and more.

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