What is Accident Forgiveness?

Accident Forgiveness Coverage: Protect Your Auto Rate


One of the benefits of being a good driver is that you enjoy lower premiums on your auto insurance.  One single accident can result in increased auto insurance rates of 40% or more.


What’s worse – those high points and the rates associated with them can stay on your driving record for up six years.  Changing carriers won’t solve the problem, only building back your years of clean driving will bring your premiums back down.


Enter Accident Forgiveness – Accident Forgiveness coverage is a policy feature that helps prevent your premium from increasing after a car accident. The premium associated with your first at-fault accident is forgiven, and you are not financially penalized for that accident when your auto policy renews.


Who’s Eligible?  Eligibility is carrier specific. All clean drivers are eligible to have this coverage. Depending on the carrier, drivers with one at-fault accident on their driving record may be eligible to purchase this coverage.


When can I add it?   Accident Forgiveness is locked in at the time of purchase, can be added any time during the policy period or at the time of your policy renewal.  It cannot be added and backdated to cover an accident that has already occurred.


If you feel that Accident Forgiveness coverage might be a wise addition to your auto policy, give us a call to discuss your policy options. It is a very affordable benefit that can save you hundreds of dollars in future insurance premiums.

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