How Much Property Damage Coverage Should I Have?

The minimum state requirement for Part 4 Property Damage Coverage on a Massachusetts Auto Policy is $5,000.

What does $5,000 cover today? Not much.

Imagine you are driving along and veer out of your lane.  You take out someone’s mailbox on the side of the road and cause damage to their stone retaining wall.  Will your policy limit of $5,000 be enough to cover that damage?

Now, imagine you don’t stop in time in traffic and rear end the Tesla in front of you.  Is $5,000 be enough coverage to repair the Tesla you just hit?

What about $50,000? Would $100,000 even be enough?

Then you pushed that Tesla into the Jaguar that was stopped in front of them? You would be responsible for the cost of repairs for both vehicles.

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$ Cha-Ching $

By not carrying adequate coverage on your insurance policy, you are not only exposing yourself to a lawsuit, you are also exposing yourself to losing your assets. You also risk having your current and future earnings garnished to pay for your lawsuit.

As your agent, we recommend you always carry the highest amount of Property Damage Coverage offered by your auto carrier.  We never recommend less than $250,000 for your Part 4 Property Damage limit.

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