Is Earthquake Covered by my Homeowner Policy?

Did you know that New England sits on a web of fault lines? Do YOU need Earthquake Insurance?

Specifically, Massachusetts has had 400+ recorded earthquakes!

Most earthquakes in Massachusetts have not been strong enough to cause damage, but that does not mean that we are immune from stronger magnitude quakes in the future.

More and more parts of the country are feeling seismic activity.  Sometimes we see this as a result of oil drilling.

Check out EarthquakeTrack for updated information regarding MA earthquakes and their risk.

Our homes and other structures are not only at risk from earthquake shaking, but also from the aftershocks that follow as well as secondary risks like fires, floods and loss of utilities.

Much of Boston is built on man-made fill and if shaken enough in an earthquake, could liquefy and turn into the equivalent of quicksand.

In the event of one happening in our area, is Earthquake covered by my Homeowner Policy?

Earthquake damage is NOT covered by our Homeowner Policies.

The Massachusetts Homeowner Policy states:

“We do not insure for loss caused directly or indirectly by any of the following…Earth Movement, meaning earthquake including land shock waves or tremors before, during or after a volcanic eruption; landslide; mine subsidence; mud flow; earth sinking; rising or shifting; unless direct loss by: 1. Fire, 2. Explosion or 3. Breakage of glass or safety glazing material which is part of a building, storm door or storm window…then we will pay only for the ensuing loss.”


How do you determine if you need to purchase Earthquake Coverage? 

Now more than ever before it is important to determine if you should purchase Earthquake Coverage.  Could you afford to rebuild or repair your home or replace your personal belongings out of pocket if you did not have insurance?



How Much Does Earthquake Insurance Cost?

The cost to carry Earthquake Coverage on your Homeowner Policy varies by state, value of your home, construction materials and proximity to a fault line.  On average, coverage can cost between $100-$300 annually.


Can I add Earthquake Coverage to my Homeowner Policy? 

Yes, most often we can add Earthquake Coverage to your existing Homeowner policy.


Is my Car covered in an Earthquake? 

Cars and other vehicles are covered for Earthquake damage under Comprehensive Coverage on the auto policy.


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