Is Wear and Tear Covered by my Homeowner Policy?

As the snow melts away and the bright sun exposes what’s underneath…

You may notice that there are some areas of your home that took a beating during these long winter months.

Has the thought crossed your mind to call your insurance company and file a claim?  Is any of the wear and tear that you see covered by your Homeowner Insurance policy?

The exterior of our homes in New England certainly get the raw end of the deal.

Snow, ice, hail, rain, wind, saltwater, blazing heat and on most days we are sure to see more than one of these! We experience extreme weather shifts from one hour to the next.

80 Degree weather in February, 40 Degree weather in May…

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We ask a lot of our roofs and siding, but unfortunately, over time we see that these things start to deteriorate. The condition of our roof shingles, exterior siding and trim, fences and sheds weaken, peel and crack.

Will the insurance company help to restore wear and tear back to new?

Your Homeowner Insurance policy is not a maintenance policy and does not pay for wear and tear.  The purpose of Homeowner Insurance is to help protect you in the event a significant financial loss.  In order for your Insurance policy to provide compensation for damage, it must be part of a covered peril, such as water damage, wind damage, fire, smoke damage, etc.

It is up to us as Homeowner’s to maintain our properties.  It is up to us to mitigate further damage by repairing the areas of our home that deteriorate and break down.

If you have questions about the type of damage that is covered under your specific Homeowner policy, please contact one of our insurance counselors at

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