Scheduled Jewelry (and coverage for other high valued items)

You work hard for your money…in turn, you work hard for the items you spend your money on!

We’re here to tell you that not all insurance is created equal when it comes to your contents and personal property.

Typically your ‘stuff’, your personal property, your contents-whichever term you fancy-are covered under Section C- Personal Property on your Homeowners, Condo or Renters Insurance policy.  They are covered and subject to your policy deductible if they are damaged as a result of a loss.

There are certain personal items that have coverage restrictions under these insurance policies.

There are limitations on the amount that insurance companies will pay on higher valued items.   The list of items that have limited coverage usually includes things like:

Scheduled Jewelry


  • JEWELRY (Scheduled Jewelry)




  • FURS







Luckily, as in most cases with insurance limitations, insurance companies give us an option to buy back coverage!!  And not only buy back coverage, but in some cases, get coverage that doesn’t come with a deductible!

If you have a collection of valuable items that you aren’t sure if they would be fully covered in the event of a loss, give our insurance advisers a call and we are happy to answer any questions you have!  Do you have questions regarding scheduled jewelry?

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